Dinah Steward

Songstress, Tale-Tattler & Vocal Coach

Dinah is a singer of songs, teller of truths and retriever of memories. 

She will sing for you...


I get so much joy from working with other singers!   I put the highest emphasis on creating a safe, fun & empowering atmosphere -- An environment which, I believe, fosters the greatest opportunities for change and improvement.  We will always work at your preferred pace.  Whatever your level and goals, we will get things DONE.  

If you are seeking an environment where you can sing for fun, improve your technique & style -- or you are simply seeking audition prep -- I'm here for you.

(917) 699 - 3214  or dinah@dinahsteward.com 

Some Testimonials:

"Dinah is fabulous and always makes me feel great about my lack of experience as a vocalist. Very comfortable space ... and lucky you if Marco is in the room (meow!) I know I am growing every time I'm in her presence, and all of my fellow vocal performers compliment me consistently. 'Those voice lessons are paying off!'  Don't mess with my Thursday night slot people! Ima be famous cuz of her."  --A.B.

"I need to gush a bit. If you want to grow as a singer, gain confidence, or maybe gather some kick ass audition pieces then you should contact Dinah Steward right now. Seriously. She's super fun, super talented, and super AFFORDABLE. My weekly vocal coachings with her are like therapy for my creative soul. She has helped me tremendously in the few months I have been working with her. You should do this. Cause we all deserve a chance to let our inner diva shine. Her contact info is on her website. And rumor on the street is that she charges a mere $50/hr. Unheard of!" --E.H.

Competitive rates.  All ages welcome.

Let's sing!