Dinah Steward

Songstress, Tale-Tattler & Vocal Coach

Dinah is a singer of songs, teller of truths and retriever of memories. 

She will sing for you...

"Not to be missed ... is the singing by silver-throated Dinah Steward."

              - Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

Praise for Yankee Doodle Doll:


"Dinah Steward, the "Yankee Doodle Doll," delights.  What a charming, moving and funny performance of songs, stories and funny bits.  Her onstage ease and warm connection with the audience makes us want to sing along.  The show also educates, honoring a little known aspect of military history: female pilots of the 1940s.  What a unique gem is this show!"            

                                                                                  - Debbie McMahon, Artistic Director of "Grand Guignolers"


"Yankee Doodle Doll has more layers than a bushel of onions. On the surface, it’s 
pure, glorious escapism. Dinah Steward’s sparkling voice is timeless, and she 
breathes fresh life into both well-known standards and unique finds of the 1940’s. 
Her snappy repartee is impossible to resist; you will 100% believe you’re in the 
middle of World War Two, being entertained by one of the unsung greats. 
Yet beyond the giddy joys of USO entertainment, Dinah offers much more. As a 
female pilot in “a man’s war,” she’s a voice of feminism before the movement had a 
name. She projects old newsreels and propaganda posters that make you laugh out 
loud, but also force you to think about the role of the media in military conflicts, and 
how it changes public opinion. 
Yes, there are political messages to be found in Dinah’s play, but they’re not specific 
to any one ideology. The beauty of Yankee Doodle Doll is that even though it speaks 
with a strong voice, at the same time it transcends politics. In a world where we’re 
often ripped apart by dueling philosophies, Yankee Doodle Doll brings us back 
together. Dinah so buoyantly brings to life the optimism and patriotism of the 
World War Two era that no matter what color your state, you can’t help but shed 
your modern cynicism – at least for a couple hours – and fall in love with what feels 
like a simpler time. Yankee Doodle Doll is a love letter to what we all want to believe 
is the true spirit of America. You’ll leave the theater happier, and eager to try and 
make this country what we once believed it could be

 - Elise Allen, NY Times Bestselling Author, Emmy-Nominated Writer


Simply amazing show!"                          - Diane Pershing, Romance novelist, Television Writer & Voice Actress


"Dinah! It was sooo great to see you perform last night. You were incredible, sassy, sweet, funny, and that voice....Wow!"                                                                  - Cindy D'Andrea, Actress, Fitness Expert & Entrepreneur


"Fabulous Show!!! Loved it!!!!"  - Kevin Beaty, Esq.,  Vocalist & Taste-Maker


"All I can say is ... WOW! 10 stars to you! ... An off-the-hook evening! Will be looking where to book this treat of a show!"                                                                                  - Diana Kyle, Actress & Entertainment Professional


"Dinah Steward - I cannot tell you enough how absolutely PHENOMENAL your show Yankee Doodle Doll was this evening! The production was so well thought out, the details all perfectly conceived, the wit, humor, acting, talent and song all sheer perfection! This show HAS to be on Broadway, on cruise ships, in major theaters all across America!!! Thank you for sharing your vision and your gift with us. I am still in awe... we had such a great time!"                                                 - Eden Livingood, Expert Violin & Viola


"What an excellent job, Dinah! It was so great to see you perform. I hope you feel incredibly pleased today, because the show & you were just so good. I had the best time & left M Bar feeling so good!" 

        - Kurtis Simmons, Songwriter, Recording Artist


"Dinah Steward and her colleagues have devised a rousing, sexy, wistful and moving entertainment with Yankee Doodle Doll. By taking the audience into both her confidence and her imagination, we became participants a wartime moment which reminded us how USO Entertainers became a connecting lifeline to "home" for all those who served. Of course, the fact that Ms. Steward is a terrific entertainer with a splendid voice doesn't hurt none, neither!!! P.S. We love you."                           

- Rob Bowers, Songwriter & Entertainer


"YOU!!!!!!!!! are absolutely beyond words aMAYzing! ... Your voice was so gorgeous and you looked stunning. The concept, character, commitment, sincerity and just genuine love and dedication to something so precious is a huge accomplishment ..."                                      

 - Phoebe Carter, Songwriter, Mover & Shaker


Kind Thoughts from A Variety of Kind Sources:


"Steward ... steals every scene she’s in."  

                                                  - Paul Birchall, L.A. Weekly Review of Absinthe, Opium & Magic: 1920s Shanghai


"There are ... beautifully sung turns from Dinah Steward ... [whose comedic] work, along with the juxtaposition of high and low art, manages to induce both giggles and out-and-out guffaws."  

Andy Propst, Backstage Off-Off Broadway review of "LOLpera"


"Steward ... gives the audience plenty of time to admire her in her full singing glory."  

- Georja Umano, L.A. Splash Magazine review of "The Hard Way" at the Santa Monica Playhouse